Round Nose End Mills 63 Hardness, Helix Angle 35degree
Design: 2/4 flutes, helical flute, right cut, center cutting edge, cylindrical shank
Solid carbide material / Coating: Solid-Carbide micro grain / Black Nano
Application:Especially for the machining of structural steel, case hardened steel, modulated steel, tool steel, cast steel and cast iron
Design: 2/4 flutes, spiral fluted, right hand cut,2 cutting edge over center, cylindrical shank
Solid carbide material / Coating: Solid-Carbide micro grain/Black Nano
Application:Universal applications,suitable forhight hard materials, as well as aluminiumand non-ferrous metals.The undersized endmills are especially for fitting slot cutting.
1. Tungsten steel base material, 45-65 degree high-hardness milling cutter has high efficiency and wide application range.
2. It has higher wear resistance and hardness, sufficient toughness and wear resistance,
and is more durable.
3. The chamfered round handle design is easy to use and has good compatibility.
4. The cutting edge is sharp, the high-precision grinding process reduces vibration, is not easy to break the cutter, and can play a long life.
1.Suitable for heat treatment steel/titanium alloy etc.
2.Precision engineered flute design that provides for superior chip removal at high feed rates
3.Allows for achieving lower cutting forces
4.Features enhanced balance and finish support
5.Helps in enhancing control as well as in bringing reduction in chatter
6.Comes with exceptional performance support
1. 100% factory price and excellent quality
2. High stability, high performance and longer service life
3. Ready stock and fast delivery
Product Features:
Diameter: 1-20mm Advantages: High Precision,Good Surface & Performace
HRC: 45/55/60/65 HRC
Flute: 2-6 Flutes
Type:CNC Milling Machine
OEM & ODM: Acceptable
1.Suitable for milling lateral face, end face, flute and step face. Also for two vertical planes and form plane. To passing core
end edgeend mill, also used for drilling and insertion milling. In structural steels with resistance 1200 N/mm².
2.Having an excellent self-centering capability, can processing H7 workpiece efficiently.
3.Processed holes can achieve high position and have a good straightness and surface finish.
4.For materials with short chips such as cast iron, silicon-aluminum alloy, etc
5.Designed for a general performance to carbon steel ,tool steel, alloy steel and stainless steel
1. 100% Virgin Raw Material.

2. 100% QC inspection before shipment.

3. Prompt aftersales service within 24 hours

4.Long use life and high performance

5. Non-Standard sizes and OEM orders are available

6. We are a Real Factory with ISO9001:2015 Certification

7.Suitable for cutting steel/cast iron/aluminum/copper/plastic/alloy steel/titanium alloy etc
Please adjust the parameters according to the material and hardness of workpiece.

Coating:TiSiN,containing silica,very high surface hardness and high thermal resistance.
2Fluters:good for chip removal,easy for vertical feed processing,widely used in slot and hole processing.
4Fluters:high rigidity,widely used in shallow slot,profile milling,and finish machining.
Helix Angle:35deg,high adaptability to the material and hardness of workpiece,widely used to mold and product processing and cost efficient.
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