carbide taper end mills market demand is increasing

2023-05-31 15:58:30


With the development of science, now introduced new carbide micro end mills, this milling cutter cost is relatively low. And the design feature is carbide micro end mills from the cone to the cutting part of the transition is an arc.

On the one hand, the hyperbolic transition toolbar of carbide micro end mills avoids the contact between the tool and the workpiece in the cutting process, thus reducing the friction load. On the other hand, the circular cross-section of the cutter bar also has a good elastic deformation performance to prevent the stress cracks in carbide micro end mills. In this way, each cutting edge involved in the cutting is subjected to the same cutting force. A sudden change in cutting conditions can be compensated and balanced by a slender elastic cutter bar called Carbide Micro End Mills. According to the different materials being cut, the cutting part can have the best axial depth of cut, which is convenient to remove all machining allowance at one time. These are the characteristics of carbide micro end mills, and if you are working with a material that meets these requirements, you can consider carbide micro end mills.

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