Types of Carbide Cutting Tools

2024-03-22 10:20:15

Carbide Cutting Tools

Types of Carbide Cutting Tools

Carbide Cutting Tools for Lathes

Common cutting tools for lathe production and manufacture of hardware products including end mills, drills, inserts, turning tool, special-shaped blades, 

and other accessories, such as round bar, embossing wheel, saw blade, knurled wheel, etc., 

Different manufacturing process needs different cutting tools, Betalent carbide focus on making carbide end mills, carbide drills, carbide tips, 

carbide industrial blades, and customized irregular shape carbide cutting tools.

Carbide Cutters for metal

Hardness of most metals is below 65HRC, which is within the machining capability of various formulated cemented carbide. 

Carbide cutters for metals including carbide insert, carbide end mill, carbide drills, carbide taps, and carbide blades in various shapes. 

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