What Are Carbide End Mills?

2024-03-29 09:00:20

Carbide End Mill and Drills

What Are Carbide End Mills?

Carbide end mills are an important instrument in the machine sector and can help increase working performance to some extent.

When machining tough parts, solid carbide end mills provide exceptional cutting performance, long tool life, and excellent process safety, making them ideal for the aerospace, medical, mold, power generation, and other industries.

Carbide end mills are built of high-quality cemented carbide, which gives them better characteristics and resistance to wear and heat than other end mills, making them better suited for cutting cast iron, alloys, and plastics. Manufacturers will now apply chemical coatings to carbide end mills in order to improve performance and reduce friction.

The quality of carbide end mills is determined by the cemented carbide rather than the binder because the former cuts. There is an easy way to determine whether a carbide end mill is of good or low quality. Generally, premium fine-quality carbide end mills have lower grain sizes, whereas inexpensive ones have bigger grain sizes. Smaller grain means less area for the binder, and more carbide for endmills. Manufacturers commonly use the term'micro grain' to designate the quality of carbide end mills.

Carbide end mill cutting performance varies according to the type of cutter used. The flutes and spiral-shaped cutting blades on the sides of carbide end mills affect performance. The most popular carbide end mills on the market have two or four flutes. 2 flutes are ideal for wood and metal, and they perform better in soft materials. The four flutes are utilized to cut harder materials and provide a significantly smoother surface than the two flutes.

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