CNC coated milling cutters: What are the categories of CNC milling cutters?

2023-12-26 09:43:35

CNC coated milling cutter refers to a rotating tool with one or more teeth, which is generally used for milling processing. This tool is actually composed of many types. In the following content, we will describe its category products in detail.

CNC coated milling cutter

Mold milling cutter

The structural feature of this type of milling cutter is that the ball head or end face is not full of cutting edges, the circumferential edge is connected with the ball head edge in an arc, and can be fed in radial and axial directions.

end mill

The cutting edge on the cylindrical surface of the end mill is the main cutting edge, and the cutting edge on the end face is the secondary cutting edge. Note that because there is a groove in the middle of the end face of the end mill, axial feed is not possible. There are cutting edges on the cylindrical surface and end face of the end mill, and they can be cut simultaneously or separately.

Face milling cutter

By definition, the face milling cutter has cutting edges on its circumferential surface and end face, and the end cutting edge is the secondary cutting edge.

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