CNC coated milling cutters: What are the main coatings for CNC coated milling cutters?

2023-12-08 09:06:02

We are actually no strangers to CNC coated milling cutters. We have also analyzed a lot of its related characteristics and the fields in which it is used. So what I mainly want to share with you today is about itself.

      For CNC coated milling cutters, CNC, coating and milling cutters are all very important, so today I will mainly share the coating with you.

      The coating methods of CNC coated milling cutters mainly include the following:

      1. TiCN is mainly used for lubrication

      2. Diamond is mainly used for material processing of non-ferrous metal elements.

      3. CrN is mainly due to its anti-adhesion property

      4. TiAlN/AlTiN is mainly used to improve the life of milling cutters.

      Then the coatings of CNC coated milling cutters are generally the above types, there may be some other coating types, and more coatings will appear later.

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